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GivexPOS - More Options, Fewer Constrains

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Expect amazing

We do it all and we do it well. Your solution comes with
- Gift Cards
- Loyalty
- Kitchen Display System
- Inventory
- Ordering Kiosk
- Online Ordering
- Free upgrades
… and running off a unified menu database.

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Your supplementary Management team

Between our intuitive interface and Managed Services, we’re your supplementary management team. Here to reduce your workload, allowing you to focus on other business needs.

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Freedom of Choice

The GivexPOS customizable platform adapts to your business needs. With hundreds of integrations from payment processors to delivery partners - you choose, GivexPOS integrates.

Uncovering the Cloud POS Tipping Point for Restaurants
Uncovering Cloud POS Tipping Point for Restaurants
Prevent your POS system from reaching its breaking point.
10 Ways Your Staff Might Be Stealing From You
10 Ways Your Staff Might Be Stealing From You
Prevent your business from going into losses
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Quick, Industry-Intuitive Workflows

GivexPOS is customized to specific industries and features tools, reports, workflows and functions designed for the way your business works. Unlike other POS systems, GivexPOS can also be further customized for specialized requirements. 

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Contactless Ordering and Payment

With health and safety now top of mind, dine-in guests will be able to order and pay from their mobile phones simply by scanning a QR code. This service uses our new Progressive Web App and unites your dine-in orders, drive thru and mobile ordering all in one convenient solution.

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Advanced Kitchen Display System

Our extremely customizable system routes items to different production stations and intelligently manages cooking times to your specifications. Imagine burgers and steaks done just right, every time, no matter who is at the grill.

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Store Layouts & Table Management

Always know the status of your tables in real-time. Color-coding lets staff know at a glance which tables have ordered, which have paid their bill, which have been open the longest, and more. Improve table management and queue times with built-in Wait Lists. Create easy to use overlays to show serving sections based on the type of volume you have e.g. Busy weekend, slow mid-week etc.

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Unified Menu Database

Manage all of your menu details in one central location. Harmonize your pricing and descriptions across in-store POS, mobile ordering, kiosks, scheduled ordering and catering.

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Advanced Combo Functionality

GivexPOS supports whichever way you want combos to be input – automatically, manually, prompt the operator if items qualify for a combo, or create a combo on-demand. Easily setup complex combos.

Online Ordering

Easily launch online ordering for your business. Let your customers pick a convenient location, choose a pick up time and easily place their order from their phone, tablet, or computer.  Orders can be easily viewed by staff, accepted, and then routed to production to be prepared in advance of pick up time.

Scheduled Ordering

Instantly offer Catering, Pick Up and Order Ahead options to customers. GivexPOS automatically queues up production to ensure that the order is completed when the customer arrives at the appointed time for pick up. You can assign a Loyalty member to the scheduled order to easily re-order their last order. Powerful reporting features show outstanding liability and help you reconcile easily when orders are pre-paid.


- Automatic Discounts. Setup promotions and connect them to discounts, which are applied based on the purchase automatically in real-time.
- Manual Discounts. Discounts are manually applied but require manager approvals, preventing fraud and misuse.
- Discounts Integrated to Rewards. Issue free rewards to customers that can be used to get a discount on the purchase of targeted products.
- Source & Target Discounting. Buy any of the following to get a discount with your purchase. Get a soup or salad when you try any of our new appetizers!
- Dynamic Coupons. Drive customer spending with dynamic coupons. Print a unique coupon bar code directly onto each customer’s receipt.

You choose, you choose, you choose

With hundreds of integrations, GivexPOS can accommodate whichever partners you deem beneficial to your business. Our customization capabilities remove barriers and allow your business to go where it needs to go.

You choose, you choose, you choose

Stay up to date

Givex continually develops new features for all its products, and these updates are always available to all our clients. On a bi-monthly basis, we send out a release with our newest developments and improvements so you can keep updated with the latest solutions within your industry.

Stay up to date


 - Comprehensive Reporting: GivexPOS collects data from every aspect of your operation, providing you with the business intelligence you need to make better decisions.
- Graphical visualizations designed to help you improve your bottom line. For example, Menu Engineering Analysis combines ingredient costs and sales date to identify which items are superstars and which are under-performing.


Free 24/7 Support

 Our 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. Support is also always accessible by phone, email and live internet chat. Training for your new POS is included.

Free 24/7 Support
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