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How we helped OnlineGolf

  • Smooth migration from a previous loyalty program to the new Givex program
  • Development fees kept to a minimum
  • Creation of a multi-currency loyalty program
  • Multi-currency e-gift card program available for UK, Euro, DKK & SEK currencies

The Challenge

OnlineGolf had an existing loyalty program that was developed in-house, however their in-house solution could not integrate with their new web platform. Because OnlineGolf already had enrolled members, migration of the program had to be seamless, and their service could not be disrupted. 

Our Solution

Complicated loyalty expiry rules for the program and communication to customers in points were leading to costly development fees from other potential providers. In addition to the expansion of their web platform, OnlineGolf wanted to expand their loyalty program internationally. OnlineGolf were also looking for an e-gift card provider who would integrate to its ecommerce platform and also could support e-gift delivery and multiple currencies.
Givex set up OnlineGolf’s merchants based on their immediate requirements within the UK and Germany, and also adjusted how the database import files were received so that in the future, more European merchants could join the program and would be able to transact in Euros.

Givex worked with a third party vendor to plan and map process flows to import all customer loyalty data to the Givex platform. The migration was done gradually in stages and during time periods when web traffic was low so that it did not impact customers in anyway. All imports data for customer accounts, contact information and loyalty point balances was successful, resulting in no loyalty program disruption.

Givex was able to expand the OnlineGolf loyalty program to the EU, France, Denmark and Sweden.

Givex provides OnlineGolf with their e-gift card program, and also provides them with the tools to create and manage their e-gift card templates. E-gift cards are now available across the following currencies, UK, Euro, DKK and SEK.

Using Givex as our provider for our new loyalty program put us at ease. We knew they had the capacity and scope to deal with our growing business and the ability to expand the program as our business expands internationally. We couldn’t be happier with the loyalty program, and we were thrilled when Givex worked with third party partners and saved us costly development.

Pat Foley, Head Of Ecommerce

The Results

Givex imported over 100,000 customer loyalty data files from OnlineGolf’s previous loyalty program to the Givex platform. The migration was seamless from both a technical standpoint and a customer stand point. OnlineGolf has a membership base that is seeing huge growth daily.

The loyalty program has enabled OnlineGolf to collect customer data, mine it to identify their best customers and their habits and give incentives to encourage further spending and enduring loyalty. The automatic sign up for the loyalty program when a client creates an account on OnlineGolf has enabled OnlineGolf to succeed with their program where other loyalty programs often fail; customers don’t feel burdened by a secondary sign-up for a loyalty program. Instead, they feel the OnlineGolf loyalty program is an added bonus, and another reason to shop at OnlineGolf for all their golf equipment purchases.

OnlineGolf has also used their loyalty program as a promotional tool for increased sales with features such as their ‘Bonus Promotions’. Customers can receive double, triple, or five times the regular amount of points on specific products, and these offers can change frequently. This enables OnlineGolf to highlight and drive sales of specific products.

E-gift card sales have created an additional revenue stream for OnlineGolf. Fulfillment of e-gift cards works through OnlineGolf’s integration to the Givex CWS e-gift card service, which allows them to fully utilize the Givex platform for creation of e-gift card templates and the Givex email broadcaster which delivers the e-gift card orders to customers.
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