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How We Helped Mr Espresso

  • A cost effective POS with robust capabilities
  • A POS that could grow with Mr. Espresso
  • Remote view of all business activities across all locations

The Challenge

Mr Espresso was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the pursuit of ultimate espresso coffee and changing the world into a better place. Based on old world values of freshness and friendly service, Mr. Espresso is about good coffee, good fresh simple food and good relationships. Currently Mr. Espresso has 9 locations with more on the way. Their espresso bars believe in artisan espresso coffee together with alternative brewing methods.

Our Solution

Mr Espresso needed a variety of capabilities from inventory tracking to reporting on business health and were at the same time looking for a cost effective option. With free software updates and continuous updates at no cost and the ability to provide in-depth and easy to understand reports, ​Givex POS fit the bill.

Mr Espresso is also a business with plans to expand as their brand popularity grows. As such they wanted a POS that would grow with them and not hinder this growth due to limited capabilities. Givex POS, with its multi-unit support scales with enterprises as they expand to tens or even hundreds of locations. Givex POS allows businesses to view reports, manage inventory, time schedules, pricing, promotional settings and different menus across the enterprise or multiple locations by brand, franchisee group, or even by store and department. All these features come at a fraction of the cost that many systems normally charge for these same enterprise capabilities. With Givex POS, Mr Espresso executives can now see how each location is doing or see sales patterns across locations even when they are not at a physical Mr Espresso location.

As we grow Givex POS grows with us. It allows us to have the wide range of features typically associated with a legacy POS system at a fraction of the cost. Its sleek design fits in well with our cafe decor while its extensive features can tell us inventory levels as they deplete or how one location is doing compared to another.

Veni Chorafitis, Founder, Mr Espresso

The Results

Givex POS bridges the world between limited-capability apps and expensive, traditional POS systems. Its modern design and innovative features, coming at an affordable price, proved to be the best fit for a brand like Mr Espresso which was looking to grow and expand its operations. 
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