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How We Helped the Titanium Security Arena

  • GivexPOS develops intuitive software that is easy to use; operators do not have to work hard to process simple transactions, moving lines faster.
  • New staff and seasonal hires learn quickly on the POS from observation; it means employees can spend more time processing orders and less training.
  • Each department within the venue can create their menu list, eliminating the need to manually input costs.

The Challenge

Sports venues count on three primary sources of revenue every year; corporate sponsors, ticket sales, and media rights/deals. To sell tickets, operators cannot rely solely on fan devotion; they must consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences from start to end. An efficient point of sale system is part and parcel of how stadiums can provide excellent service. If the POS falls short, concession staff must work harder to process orders, line ups are long, and fans leave frustrated after missing a part of the game.
The Titanium Security Arena grappled with many issues with their POS before deciding to search for another provider. Their past POS ​lacked usability which affected the work performance of experienced staff and made it hard to train new staff. The arena also needed a POS that would move lines faster during peak periods, like intermission. Further, inadequate workflows caused operational inefficiencies, errors, and food waste.

Our Solution

After researching Givex, the stadium operators decided to replace their existing system with GivexPOS, which meets all of their search criteria, and the scalability to implement more functionality as they required. Givex restaurant workflows are designed for efficiency and are well suited for fast casual and quick service environments. Most menu items have their discrete order flow and corresponding modifiers. The order entry screens quickly and seamlessly guide the operator through menu items, ensuring that all elements of the order are included. Missing modifiers are flagged before the order reaches the kitchen. The result is better communication between the customer, the server, and the back of house with fewer errors, delays, and waste. Inventory is accounted for in Givex reports, so there is no lost revenue.

We were very impressed by how much faster and easier their POS was to use. They were also able to provide us with much better-consolidated reporting and flexibility. Time and time again, Givex showed they were invested in us as a partner, from deploying rapidly to meet our short deadline, to their incredible technical support on game day.

Mandy Spear, Chief Operations Officer

The Results

Titanium Security Arena has purchased 20 GivexPOS work stations. The POS systems are being rolled out in three phases this year, beginning with the food and beverage outlets, kiosks, bars, and retailers. The second install will include the restaurant and function rooms. The stadium will also roll out Givex Gift Cards, Uptix Ticketing Solutions, and Loyalty Programs.
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