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How we helped American Golf

  • Migrated existing separate gift & e-gift card programs in to one seamless program
  • Multi-national currency conversion, allowing for e-gift & gift cards sales throughout UK & Europe
  • Easy fulfillment of e-gift cards via Givex's Customer WebSuite
  • Smooth addition of gift card & e-gift card sales to American Golf ecommerce platform

The Challenge

American Golf, Europe's largest golf retailer, maintained two separate in-house gift card programs: a retail solution and a web solution, which resulted in a negative customer and staff experience. This was due to the fact that customers would purchase an e-gift card online, and discover that it was not usable in store.  Staff would have to explain that the e-gift card was not integrated with American Golf’s retail stores. 

Our Solution

Through migrating American Golf’s existing separate gift card and e-gift card programs into one seamless program, Givex developed a closed-loop gift card program which was multi-channel and completely seamless for customers.

American Golf also wanted the fulfillment and development of an e-gift card program, third party development of their online ecommerce platform and for their programs to include multi-national currency conversion. Using the Givex Dynamic Currency Conversion, gift cards and e-gift cards are sold in any country in Europe or the UK, and their balances are in Euros or British Pounds. If the gift card is bought in the UK and used in the Republic of Ireland, the transaction is processed in the local currency. Conversion is in real-time, using the daily exchange rate.

Givex was able to liaise closely with American Golf’s online development partner BeE, based in Germany to plan and map process flows to ensure a smooth addition of gift card and e-gift card sales to the American Golf ecommerce platform.

American Golf integrated to the Givex CWS e-gift card service, which allows them to fully utilize the Givex platform for creation of e-gift card templates and the Givex email broadcaster which delivers the e-gift card orders to customers.

The Givex solution offered us the chance to ‘future-proof’ our investment, covering any expansion in the UK and Europe we had planned. The team we dealt with during pre-sales and scope gave us the confidence we needed to make a decision to move forward.

Phil Barker, Head of IT, American Golf

The Results

Givex provided a fully integrated and robust gift card and e-gift card program to give customers a seamless online and in-store experience. Givex imported previous gift card and e-gift card balances to the Givex platform to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers. 

American Golf staff are thrilled with the new all-in-one gift and e-gift card program, because it simplifies both the sale and explanation of American Golf gift cards. Previously, e-gift cards could not be used in store, and gift cards purchased in-store could not be used online.  After amalgamating both programs and migrating to the Givex platform, customers can now use their e-gift cards and gift cards across all business channels.
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